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FREE Shipping on all Orders! MILTACT.COM - Military Tactical Gear For Everyday Urban & Outdoor Survival


Which countries to we deliver to?

We ship worldwide! Our highly effective International shipping service operates in more than 200 countries and islands around the world. Most international orders are delivered in roughly 3 week's and most importantly, we are proud to be able to provide FREE Shipping on ALL orders!

What is the delivery charge?

MILTACT.com are pleased to be able to offer all our customers FREE Shipping on ALL orders! 

When can I expect my delivery? 

Estimated delivery times on our FREE Shipping service are between 15-30 business days. Some orders may arrive sooner. We deliver our fabulous products directly from the factory, and therefore we're able to pass big savings to our customer. Please see our Shipping page for more information.

Clothing - Sizes

Note: In general, clothing measurements shown on our product sizing charts are measurements taken from the actual garment - i.e. not body measurements. So, if the chest measurement in the size chart shows 44 inches then that will be the measurement of the actual garment. Therefore, if your chest measures 44 inches then you should select a size with a chest measurement larger than 44 inches. 

Not sure about what size to order? In general we would recommend ordering 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size. So if you normally buy a Jacket in size L then we would recommend you select XL or XXL when buying from our site. 

Shoes & Boots - Sizes

Note: When it comes to buying tactical shoes and boots from our store, we do recommend you measure the actual length of your foot first, because the shoes and boots featured on our site have standard US/EU/UK sizes and their corresponding foot length. Foot length is the actual measurement of your foot, from heel to toe. So, if your feet measure 30 cm from heel to toe, then you should choose a shoe size that corresponds to that measurement.

What is your Returns Policy?

 Please see our Returns & Refunds page for more information.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Upon purchase of your order, you will be given up to 8 hours to cancel your order. We will provide you a full refund if required if you cancel your order within 8 hours. 

Products - Color

We always strive to provide the exact representation of products colors on our website. However color can vary sometimes on tones or shades due to differences in tones on computer monitors. Generally however the products we sell are either Black, Khaki, Green or Camouflage.